Ed & Married Life

Being annoyed with unsated sex life is very common as sex is backbone or keystone of married life. It aids in bringing partners closer and closer day by day and builds their trust on each other. But due to erectile dysfunction many married lives have to see dark days. ED devastates their life and their happiness. The USA witnesses 27% divorce rates in the previous year. All over the world this trend is going on. Men face ED due to less blood supply to the penis during intercourse. But the tables can be turned. And for it generic Viagra needs to be taken orally with water. After entering into the blood this drug releases nitric oxide which helps in decompressing penis muscles. Also, the love pill converts PDE-5 enzyme into cGMP enzyme. cGMP enzyme is the main joyride in keeping erection process normal. All this results in supplying proper blood supply to the penis and provides desired erection.

Sex makes life heaven. No hurdle should hamper it. Intimacy does not let that craze die in the relationship and keep couple in a string of love. Thus, let the greatest ED vault come in the way of sex life, thrash it with generic Viagra and retain your sex life at all costs.

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