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General Questions

1. Is it illegal to buy drugs without prescription from abroad settled online pharmacy?

No. There is nothing illegal in buying drugs without prescription from abroad settled online pharmacy. Internet is created only for the purpose that without stepping foot out you can travel all over the world and purchase anything from any online store.

2. Do the medicines bought from other nations are safe to use?

Yes, overseas medicines are completely safe. They are licensed and are as safe as any drug manufactured in USA. Our website only comprises genuine and FDA authorized drugs.

3. Is it important to remember the foreign names of the medicines for ordering from your online pharmacy?

No. The medicines can be ordered by the brand name or the generic name. On the other hand, we also provide you with the name of a drug in almost all languages as well as to discover out the generic name for a peculiar drug.

4. How is it advantageous?

Just place, if you be familiar with what class of medicines your doctor prescribes, in addition, you can save a lot of money. Many Senior Citizens have to favor amongst giving bills and buying medicines. By purchasing their medicinal drug from Canada or other countries, they can make remarkable savings.

5. What class of medicines does RayMeds.com Deal with?

RayMeds.com deals completely with Generic Drugs acknowledged only by its brand name, plus its formulas useable to all recorded pharmaceutical company. Generic drugs are are equally effective like its branded counterparts and is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover generic drugs are less costly.

Prices Related Questions :

6. Why prices of medicines are much cheaper than the pharmacies abroad?

Drugs made up abroad are cheaper as in many cases brand name drugs encompass generic versions useable that aren't available in the USA owing to patent laws (and other politics). In addition, drug makers abroad don't have vast publicity and other costs which are driving USA drug prices up. These medicines are up to 80% cheaper in foreign nations the cause for that is being the pharmaceutical company’s price these medicines as per to what the citizens of the countries can yield to pay. For case in point the citizens of Thailand, Mexico, and Asia cannot yield to shell out the same prices as citizens of the U.S. If they were pressed to pay the equivalent price, one prescription medicine could cost a whole years pay. As a substitute, the pharmaceutical companies charge lesser prices abroad and then make up for the cost by forcing out U.S. citizens with high prices. The pharmaceutical companies purpose this way as they imagine we can have enough money it and to help blanket the losses they corroborate in foreign countries. Previous, the only way to take pleasure in these cut down costs was to tour to the foreign nations and purchase the drugs in person. Now, with our info, you will have immediate entrée to these online foreign pharmacies, and be capable to place an order right away, and have the order shipped to your doorsill. All for as petite as 80% of what you usually pay.

Delivery Related Questions

7. How much you charge for Shipping and Handling?

Shipping and Handling charges are in between $25 and $34.75 for 500gms. This is for your full order, not for per prescription medication.

8. Do you ship medicinal drugs overseas?

Yes. We ship all drugs via express shipment and also provide quick delivery. On the other hand, delay may happen sometime due to customs and/or the FDA. Also, particular provision is also followed while shipping drugs overseas. Still, we cannot assure about the delivery. Any extra charges that are required for shipping, duties or taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer.

9. What is the shipping procedure?

RayMeds.com is situated abroad, and all shipments are sent from there only to their respective destinations. Express shipment DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS are the modes of shipments. Express shipment means that the shipment is trackable and can be chased anytime till it reaches you. Tracking of order is possible by courier tracking number that is provided by the express shipment company. If due to any reason you are unable to receive your order on expected date, then you can leave a note at your door directing address of your neighbor who can receive and sign for your order on your behalf. If no one can receive your order, then Express courier member will leave a note mentioning consignment number and a contact number so that you can call them and fix up for the delivery. (Note- We do not make delivery at Post Office)

10.Can I track my order by the means of tracking number?

Yes. It is probable to locate/track your parcel.

11.What will happen if my order is lost?

If your order is lost during transportation, then we will reship the order again free of cost. But if, order is lost due to your mistake, like you provided us with wrong mailing address, then in that case you will have to incur the entire loss.

12.Do you deliver medicines across the world?

All medicines sold at RayMeds.com can be purchased from any country in the world.

13.Can two different orders be sent in the same box?

No. It is one box per client. Two unlike purchasers orders cannot be shipped within the same box even if they exist in at the same address. Customs may delay or grab such shipments

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