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Master Card

Dear Customer,

At the moment onwards we do not deal with MasterCard. We have developed a way enabling you to purchase from us for MasterCard customers; it is an easy step to aid you in putting your order with us without any major inconvenience.

"VISA Gift Accounts" is a Virtual VISA Gift Account. The SIMON web site sells it. The cost per gift account is only $2.00 and can be bought by your MasterCard. One can use this account for any monetary value in between $20 and $500 (e.g. $22.50).

We propose adding up items to your cart, checking out, as well as purchasing the gift account once you come to the page that shows you your grand total consisting shipping, so you will know what denomination VISA Gift Card Account to buy.

Once you hold your "VISA Gift Account" info, please choose "VISA" as the credit card type and enter in the "VISA Gift Account" info. Fill your name for the "First Name" and "Last Name" on card.

We are grateful for your instance and patience. If you look ahead to buy from overseas pharmacies, then you are sure to save money in the upcoming, we highly recommend applying for a VISA card.

How to place an order with the Simon Gift Card?

For all the Master Card users RayMeds.com has come up with an easy and hassle free procedure to place the order with the Simon Gift Card which is a Virtual Visa Credit Card.

1) You can log on to the Simon Gift Card website and apply for the Gift Card as per your order cost requirements.

2) And once you apply for the Gift Card you will either receive an E-Mail from the Gift Card company with the Simon Visa Gift Card details or they will send you the Gift Card via post using which you can place the order at our website.

3) Please remember that it takes 24-48 hours of time for the gift card to get activated before you make the purchase.

4) For all the Master Card users on their every Simon Card purchase RayMeds.com provides with Extra Bonus Free Pills Discounts over and above the quantity that is there on the website all you have to do is just call our customer care at 1-888-939-8632 and notify them about your payment method and you will get the discounts.

So, go ahead and take advantage of the offer with an easy way to place the order with RayMeds.com the only Number one online pharmacy with quality drugs and professional services 24/7/365.

Customer Service Team

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