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Cardura also known by the name doxazosin belongs to a group of medications called alpha-adrenergic blockers. Cardura is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and BPH i.e. benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). It is men medicine only, thus children and women cannot use it. It is very effective drug and has provided relief to thousands of men.

Cardura drug allows the relaxation and expansion of the arteries and veins, thus improves blood flow and relieves from hypertension. Also it helps to ease difficulty in urinating (treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) by relaxing the bladder neck and prostate muscles. Those who are already using impotence drugs like caverta, levirta, etc. avoid use of

Cardura. It may interact with them and cause severe health hazards.

Precautions are must to be checked out prior taking Cardura. Like every medicine it also has certain set of precautions. They are just to safeguard against any odds. Its precautions are: cardura dose should be taken as per your healthcare provider recommendation. Take it in the same amount as your doctor has asked you. If suffering from liver problem or are allergic to foods, dyes, or preservatives seek doctor advice before taking this drug. Prior advocated to take Cardura if you are already taking any medicines, tell your doctor about all. This medicine interacts with some drugs, thus it is must to inform physician about medications you are taking.

Cardura may cause low blood pressure, thus it is advised to avoid some dangerous situations like operating machinery, driving, etc. till few hours after taking it. In some cases it causes erection that lasts for more than four hours. If it happens go to your doctor immediately. If you are allergic to cardura or to any of its related medicines like alfuzosin, prazosin and terazosin then do not take this drug.

Thus there are number of situations in which Cardura should not be taken or taken with great care. Apart from the situations mentioned above there are others also. Talk with your healthcare provider for more information on it.

Like every medicine Cardura also has some side effects. It’s not that they will occur after intake of this drug, but they can also. Cardura has mild and severe both types of side effects.

Severe side effects of cardura are: hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling in face, lips, tongue, throat, irregular heartbeats, and fainting and penis erection for more than 4 hours and so on. On the occurrence of these side effects get immediate medical aid. If not treated sooner can be life threatening. But in very rare cases these symptoms are found in people taking cardura. Also, it is not sure that these side effects have occurred due to Cardura only.

While, less serious Cardura side effects includes: weakness, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach pain, etc. These fallouts are very mild and do not lasts for longer time. There is nothing to worry if they occur and you keep taking cardura as usual. They will disappear on their own.

The above cited side effects are not a complete list. Cardura may show some other side effects also that are not mentioned here. If want complete info on its side effects then go to your doctor and ask him.

Cardura doses should be taken as per doctor’s recommendation. Take it in exact amount your doctor has asked you to take. The recommended dose of cardura is 1mg daily. It can be increased to 2mg if your doctor thinks so. Cardura should be taken once in a day. It is preferred to take it in bedtime. This drug comes in tablet form, thus it is advised to take it with glass of water. It can be taken with and without food both. Do not crush, chew, or break it, take it as a whole. Cardura should be at the same time daily in order to maintain blood levels. Be regular and punctual in taking it for best results. But, if sometime you forget to take it then take it sooner you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, then skip the missed dose and continue with regular schedule. Do not try to make up for the missed dose by taking extra pill. It will affect your health severely. On the other hand, if taken an overdose of Cardura seek medical attention immediately. Do not stop taking cardura on your own. First confirm with your healthcare provider. To check whether this drug is working proper for you or not do your blood tests from time to time.

Taking care of medicine should be everybody’s primary concern. If not taken proper care will start losing their effect. Cardura should also be stored properly in right environment, in right place and in right temperature. In temperatures room temperature of about 30 degree Celsius is appropriate. In room also Cardura should be placed at neat and clean place in a tightly closed container. Place where it is stored should be not easily accessible. Do not freeze Cardura tablets. As known cardurais men medicine, thus women and children should be kept out of their reach. Do not share this drug with any person. It is your private property and only you can use it. Do not keep cardura in easy reach like in bathroom or kitchen.

Keep Cardura away from heat as it degrades it. Moisture leads to its breakdown, thus should be kept away from it also. Too much light affects potentiality of Cardura, hence eschew it from too much light. If it has got expired just dispose it. Never keep its expired tablets with you. Even dump the leftover medicines after treatment is over. Dumping should be done properly. If don’t know then ask your doctor their dumping procedure. Storage of cardura should be taken very seriously.

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