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Cyclosporine ophthalmic is in a class of medications called immunomodulators. It is eye medication and used to treat eye irritation in people. It increases tear production in people with dry eye disease. It works by decreasing swelling in the eye to allow for tear production.

Cyclosporine ophthalmic comes in liquid form for applying to the eyes. Unlike other drugs it can be applied two times in a day, but in a gap of 12 hours. Every day it should be applied at the similar times for best results. For knowing how to apply it, read prescription label carefully. Each and every step is mentioned there. If do not understand anything consult your doctor. Do make use of it exactly as per your doctor's prescription. Do not use it in excess neither in less quantity.

Cyclosporine eye drops are for the use of eyes only. Do not swallow or apply cyclosporine eye drops to the skin. Cyclosporine eye drops come in different small bottles and each bottle containing one dose only. As bottle lid is opened immediately use it in one or both eyes.

Using procedure of Cyclosporine is very simple. This eye medicine comes in liquid form and is very easy to apply on the eyes. In one day, this drug can be applied twice. Divide a day in two parts and apply Cyclosporine in 12 hours apart. Applying twice will treat disease fast. Timing of applying should also be the same. Means every day apply this drug at same times. An application detail of this medicine is written on prescription label it comes along with. Read all instructions carefully and for any doubts consult your doctor. Make use of Cyclosporine eye drops precisely as directed. Do not use them in less quantity or in excess but exactly in same amount prescribed by your doctor. Cyclosporine eye drops are for use only in the eye(s). Do not guzzle or apply cyclosporine eye drops to the skin. Cyclosporine eye drops come in single-use vials i.e. small bottles to be used for one dose. The liquid from one vial must be used right away after opening for one or both eyes.

Before using Cyclosporine make sure about certain things. Always wash your hands before touching its bottle. Remember it is eye medicine, thus you should take every possible protective measure. Whirl the vial a few times till the liquid inside comes out white and not see-through. Open up the vial. Then with the help of mirror or with own efforts put the drops in your eye. Never touch dropper tip with hands or with anything else. Get hold of the dropper tip down at all times to shun drops from flowing back into the bottle and making the staying contents contaminated.

Before putting Cyclosporine drops tilt your head back, look straight up and hold the bottle straight near your eyes and then pour drops. Put the recommended number of drops into the pocket made by the lower lid and the eye. Placing the drops on the exterior of the eyeball can cause stinging. Close your eye for 2-3 minutes to keep the medicinal drug in the eye. Do not flicker.

If using Cyclosporine for both eyes, then repeat the steps 7-11 for the other eye. Wash off any extra liquid from your cheek with a clean tissue. Even if it is not blank throw away the vial out of the reach of children. Clean your hands again.

Precautionary steps for Cyclosporine are mentioned here. First of all, inform your doctor if you are reactive to cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune) or any other medication, before taking this drug. Also, tell him about prescription and nonprescription medicinal drugs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products you are using. Even if using any other eye medicine must tell him about that also. If making use of synthetic tears, then put Cyclosporine eye drops 15 minutes earlier or after their use.

Inform your doctor if you have an eye contagion, if you have a onetime plug (stopper inserted by a doctor in a tear duct to keep tears in the eye), and if you have or have ever had a herpes infectivity of the eye.

Inform your doctor if you are expectant, plan to happen to pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you turn out to be pregnant while using cyclosporine eye drops, call your doctor.

You should know that cyclosporine eye drops must not be applied while wearing contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, take out them prior to applying Cyclosporine eye drops and put them back 15 minutes later. Have a discussion with your doctor about wearing contact lenses if you have dry eye disease.

Every medicine has some side effects. There is no medicine without them. With Cyclosporine eye drops are also associated some of them. Though these side effects are minor but knowledge is must about them. Also inform your doctor about them if these symptoms do not go away in sometime. Flaming, itching, stinging, redness, or pain in the eyes, overflow of tears, red eyes, eye discharge, blurred vision or other vision changes, feeling that something is in the eye etc. are some of the side effects of Cyclosporine medicine.

The side effects cited above are not complete. There are others also that are not quoted here. If apart from the above list any other side effect occurs seek medical advice immediately.

Medicine requires great storage. If they are not stored properly they soon get damaged or of no use. Also, every single medicine requires different storing environment. Storing tips for Cyclosporine are:

Room temperature is best for storing Cyclosporine. Too hot, too cold, these extremes temperatures damage it. Also keep this drug away from heat and moisture. But now do not store it in bathroom. It is not the right place for it. Always keep its bottle straight and firmly closed. This medicine is not for children, thus keep it out of their reach.

Always look for expiry date before use and if it passed away immediately dispose it. Never keep expired drugs at home. If unaware of how to dispose seek advice of your doctor. He will properly guide you.

These are storing tips for it. Do follow them.

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