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Glyburide, an oral anti diabetic drug, is prescribed medication for treating patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. It is part of a group of diabetes medications called sulfonylureas. Intake of Glyburide secretes insulin in the body, which in turn takes away sugar from blood to the cells, where it should actually be, and converts it into energy. This way it brings down blood sugar level and keeps it normal. Take it with healthy diet and exercise for more effect.

Patients with type 2 diabetes have high glucose levels in their blood, as the cells in their bodies are anti to the effect of insulin. Their liver produces too much glucose. In totaling, the pancreas cannot make sufficient insulin to beat the insulin confrontation of the body's cells. Glyburide reduces blood glucose by inspiring the pancreas to create more insulin. Glyburide is not a cure for diabetes, but it just brings down sugar level in the blood.

Glyburide should be taken as per the recommendation of your healthcare provider. Its dosage depends on many factors, like, extent of diabetes, what other medicines you are taking, and so on. But, usually the starting dose of glyburide is 2.5mg to 5mg daily and 1.5mg to 3mg daily if using micronized glyburide.

Always take this drug at same time every day. It should be taken once a day with first meal of the day. It is preferable if you take it with breakfast. But, if your doctor asks you to take it twice in a day then the first dose should be with the breakfast. Do not stop taking it without consulting your doctor. Glyburide should be taken regularly. Try not to skip any dose, but if by mistake you forget to take then take it as soon you recall. If by the time you remember it's time for your next dose then skip the missed dose and continue on your regular schedule. If you think you have taken an overdose of Glyburide then sooner see your doctor. Overdose of any medicine is harmful to health.

Side effects are very much possible with Glyburide. Like every medicine it also has some. But it's not that everyone experiences them. Glyburide side effects vary from mild to severe ones.

Common or mild side effects of Glyburide are: nausea, vomiting, stomach problems, sweating, skin rashes, itching, hives, etc. If any of these symptoms occur after taking glyburide there is nothing to worry about. They exist for some time only. Keep taking medicine continuously and these symptoms will disappear by the time. On the other hand, on the occurrence of serious side effects do not take any chance and immediately seek medical attention. Serious side effects took place due to Glyburide are: increased hunger, increased thirst, increased urination, blurred vision, fatigue, shortness of breath, vomiting, sweating, shakiness, dizziness, cold sweats, seizures, difficulty in speaking, confusion, chest pain, fast heart beat, heart palpitations, etc.

The above mentioned side effects are enough for cognition, but it is not a complete list of side effects. For knowing more Glyburide side effects, it is best to consult a doctor.

Storing medicine properly is one of the main tasks and should keep in mind by all medicine users. Same applies to glyburide also. Glyburide, an ant diabetic drug, should be stored at room temperature. Any extreme in temperature is not good for it. Perfect room temperature for storing Glyburide is 15-30 C (59-86 F). Do not expose this medicine to heat, light and moisture. It should be kept away from them. Also store it in a tightly closed container.

Remember medicines are very much personal, thus never share it with anyone. Glyburide is only for elder men and women and not for children. Hence, keep it out of the reach of children. But do not store it in bathroom. Also, always store it in the original pack. Keep looking for expiry date and dispose off as medicine crosses expiry date. Also dump the leftover medicines after treatment is over. But yes, do not simply dump it. Do it in a proper manner. If you don't know how to dump medicines well, ask your doctor.

Precautionary measures that come along with a glyburide are just for ensuring safe treatment process. Main thing to do prior taking Glyburide is to take it exactly as per doctor's recommendation. If having liver problems, kidney problems and adrenal fatigue first seek physician advice before taking this drug. Even if you are allergic to sulfa drugs, foods, eyes and preservatives doctor's recommendation is must before taking Glyburide treatment. If taking any prescription medicine or non prescription medicine, vitamins, and herbal supplements notify your doctor about all.

Until now it's not confirmed whether Glyburide affects pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers or not, but it is good to be on safe side, thus seek doctor's advice before taking Glyburide treatment. Sometimes this drug can cause low blood sugar level, therefore always carry something in sweet (candy, milk, etc.) with you. Do use sunscreen while going out as this medicine may make your skin sensitive to light. Blood and urine tests are must to be done from time to time to see the effect of Glyburide. Do not take alcohol while using Glyburide, as it lowers blood sugar level and can lead to severe health problems. Machineries should not be operated as this drug causes drowsiness. Type-1 diabetes patients should not use this medicine.

Do seriously follow the above mentioned list of precautions while taking glyburide treatment to safeguard you against any odds.

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