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Mevacor, an oral drug, is taken to lower down cholesterol levels in the blood; therefore, called cholesterol lowering agent. This condition is also known as hypercholesterolemia. Mevacor belongs to a class of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, also known as a "Statins." It is the first successful member of the HMG CoA reductase enzyme inhibitor family of cholesterol drugs. Need to take Mevacor arise when other dietary measures and exercises are not enough for letting down cholesterol. It is FDA approved drug.

High cholesterol is very fatal to health. It causes many health problems. It clogs heart arteries which in turn hinders in supplying blood and oxygen to the heart and lead in coronary heart disease. Mevacor relieves from all these problems. It reduces the risk of heart attack and chest pain. But, alone this medicine cannot do anything because it is a supplement not a substitute. It is good to follow it with healthy diet and regular exercise prescribed by your doctor. Then results will appear sooner.

Mevacor comes in various dosages which vary from 10mg to 20mg to 40mg to 80mg. Which is appropriate starting dose for you can be best narrate by your healthcare provider. Always take mevacor by your doctor’s advice only. Its dose depends on many factors like, your age, health problems you have, other medicines you are taking, and so on. Though, the initial recommended dose of mevacor is 20mg, but sometimes it can be 40mg also. For children, it is generally 10mg. After weeks also if not much difference is found in your cholesterol level, you doctor may increase or decrease your dose. But, you do not make any amendments in your dose on own.

Mevacor is oral drug and comes in tablet form, thus should be taken with water. It is suggested to take it once in a day. Evening time is preferable. This drug should not be taken in an empty stomach. Mevacor decreases the level of Mevacor in the blood. Be very punctual in taking mevacor and try not to miss any dose. But, if by mistake forgotten, take it as soon you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose then skip the missed one and continue with your next dose. Do not try to make up for the skip dose. Overdose of any medicine is not good for health and causes health hazards. If mistakenly taken overdose of Mevacor seek medical attention immediately.

Side effects are inseparable part of medicines. Thus, like every medicine, mevacor also has side effects. But, it is not that everyone who takes it faces its fallouts. Though serious and less serious, both types of fallouts are linked with Mevacor, but, generally less serious ones are only found occurring. They are quite tolerable also and do not need any treatment. The most common side effects of mevacor are- gas problem, constipation, headache, diarrhea, upset stomach, blur vision, rashes, and muscle cramps, and so on. These fallouts are very mild and does not cause any harm. Also, do not require any treatment. But, if these symptoms persist for a long time, go to your doctor. Among the serious side effects of Mevacor are- yellow eyes or skin, abdominal pain, dark urine and changes in the amount of urine. Others are- muscle pain, tenderness, weakness followed by fever. On occurrence of these side effects seek medical aid without delay. Allergic reactions of this drug show signs like- rashes, itching, hives, difficulty in breathing and swelling of mouth, tongue or throat. Mevacor also has certain rare fallouts. Til now they are seen in less than one percent people. They are- leg pain, insomnia, hair loss, dry mouth, vomiting, joint pain, depression, memory loss, etc. These symptoms are so unusually seen that it is hard to say whether they occur due to intake of Mevacor or due to some other reason. These side effects list is not a complete one. For more information on its side effects take your doctor's help.

Every medicine treats us from some or the other health problem. Thus, it’s duty on our part also to take care of them by storing them properly. Every medicine should be stored properly. It is one of the most important things to take care of with drugs. Storage adds to their life and keeps them in a proper condition. Mevacor is also one of the drugs and should be stored in a nice way. Most importantly, always keep mevacor in a room temperature. A temperature of about 15 to 30 degree celsius is appropriate. Keep it away from any extreme in temperature like too hot or too cold, as it makes negative impact on Mevacor. In room do not just keep mevacor pack openly. It should be stored in an air tight container and place that container in some dark cool place. Place should be free from dust and dirt. Dirt soon reacts with medicines and spoils it.

Do not keep Mevacor near kitchen sinks and bathroom. These places are not right for its storage. Also, keep it away from heat, light and moisture. Heat, heat sources or high temperatures melts Mevacor zocor tablet, while moisture breaks it into pieces, and light affects its potentiality. That’s why all these three are considered inappropriate circumstances to keep it. It should be kept away from the reach of pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It affects their health. These storage mantras should be followed rigorously as they work greatly on the functioning Mevacor.

Before starting with any dose it’s good to understand its precautions. These precautionary steps show concerns and helps in safe and secure treatment. First of all, Mevacor should always be taken by your healthcare provider’s advice only. Do not take it on own. If you are suffering from any of these health problems or have ever suffered earlier- liver problem, kidney problem, allergies to food, dyes or preservatives or heart problems, first notify your doctor about them before starting taking this drug. Also, if you are pregnant or planning for it, breastfeeding or have undergone any surgery, tell your physician about it. Drinking alcohol with Mevacor can be fatal to health as it leads to liver problem. Thus, avoid its consumption while taking this medicine. Also, avoid consuming grapefruit and grapefruit juice with mevacor. If you are taking any medicines tell your doctor about all. After taking Mevacor if you experience muscle pain, weakness, fever, etc. go to your doctor immediately. Statins is known for an increase in liver enzymes, which eventually leads to liver damage. Thus, it is advised to go for regular blood tests before and while this drug, so as to keep an eye on your liver function. If you are pregnant women or breastfeeding mother, strictly take mevacor with doctor advice. If allergic to Mevacor or to any of its components do not take this drug. It is not a complete list of possible precautions of mevacor. For more assistance on its precautions it’s good to ask your doctor.

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